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Fashion from India: Beautiful from 1001 Nights

Saris, tunics and lots of gold jewelry: this is fashion from India, as we know it.
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Shorten A Skirt – What You Need To Do For Shortening A Skirt

Learn how to shorten a skirt and give your old skirt a new look. Given in this article are the quick and easy instructions for shortening a skirt.
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Wedding Dress Alterations

A bridal gown may be the most important and memorable piece of clothing that one wear in their entire life. Many of gowns need a least some sort of alterations, here we will briefly discuss about wedding dress alterations. Whether you are working on your own bridal gown or someone else's dress, there are some important steps to follow as you alter the garment.

Listed below are the steps for altering wedding dress:

1) To start alterations for wedding dress you have to first turn the entire dress inside out. Then put on the dress and collect the fabric in between your fingers along the side seams of the splinter and skirt of the dress, so that it fits closely against your body.

2) The next step would be to put the pins along the seam to hold it in place against the body. Make sure you put the dress even & centered in front as well as the back.

3) You can then mark the placing of the pins by using a fabric pencil. On the both sides of the seam you can make a small line using fabric pencil next to each of the pin and then remove them, in order to take the dress off.

4) The next step for wedding dress alterations is removing the existing seams with the help of seam ripper. Then you can realign the seams, followed by stitching the 2 layers of the gown’s bust with the new seams together.

5) You can trim off the surplus fabric from the new seam lines by using a scissor. You can even iron to flatten the seams.

6) Use a seam ripper to remove the hem and alter the length of the grown. Moreover, iron it to flatten out the crease where the hem once was, and then put the dress back on yourself or to the model for which you are altering for.

7) Following the step for wedding dress alterations, now you can collect the fabric along the bottom of the dress. Then you need to pin it to stay in place at length you want to, and place the pins all the way around the bottom of the dress.

8) Once you place the pins you can start sewing the new hem of the dress. Make sure you measure the length of the dress from the bust to the hem to ensure that the hem is even in the front as well as the back of the gown. This is how one can alter a wedding dress.

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