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Fashion from India: Beautiful from 1001 Nights

Saris, tunics and lots of gold jewelry: this is fashion from India, as we know it.
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Shorten A Skirt – What You Need To Do For Shortening A Skirt

Learn how to shorten a skirt and give your old skirt a new look. Given in this article are the quick and easy instructions for shortening a skirt.
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Making A Dress Bigger

If you have a dress too tight you can make it bigger that can perfectly fit for you. It’s simply call letting out a dress, it means making a dress bigger by using fabric from the seam. In other words, it is just letting the fabric out of the seam. Seams are the leftover fabric on the other side of the stitching that holds a garment together. But the thing is how to make a dress bigger, as we all know altering a dress in order to make it bigger can be a bit complicated in comparison to making it tight. As a matter of fact, the possibility of making a dress bigger often depends upon the size of the seam allowances.

To make a dress bigger one will need things like scissors, seam ripper, chalk, measuring tape, sewing kit or sewing machine, iron and ironing board. Many of the ready to wear dresses usually have small seam allowances; also these dresses may have distinct pressing marks when the seams are taken out. So, it is essential to consider where the seams are out and how obvious such marks might be. An alteration can often provide an increase in size of at least ½” to1” depending the numbers of seam in the dress. Follow these simple steps for making a dress bigger:

1) For making a dress bigger you first have to turn the dress inside out and with the help of measuring tape you can see how much seam allowance you have. However, if your dress has only a 1/4'” less seam allowance, it not enough to make it bigger or let out the dress.

2) After you have determined whether or not you can make your dress bigger, you can move on to measuring your new seam.

3) The next step to follow is to measure around your waist and hips. Then you have to measure the front as well as the back of the dress at the waist and hips and calculate the difference of each measurement. This will let you know how much room you require to let out of the waist and the hips, respectively.

4) Then with a chalk you can mark your seam where you will be sewing.

5) The next for making a dress bigger would be to remove the stitching on each side of the dress by using seam ripper. But be sure that you don’t pull too hard while you removing since pulling hard can cause the seam holes to stretch or tear.

6) Then you can begin sewing at one end of the open seam at your chalk mark. Use similar colored thread. Tie off the ends of the thread when you’re done. Iron each seam flat and then the dress is ready for you.

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