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Fashion from India: Beautiful from 1001 Nights

Saris, tunics and lots of gold jewelry: this is fashion from India, as we know it.
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Shorten A Skirt – What You Need To Do For Shortening A Skirt

Learn how to shorten a skirt and give your old skirt a new look. Given in this article are the quick and easy instructions for shortening a skirt.
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Make A Skirt Out Of Jeans

If you have an old pair of jeans then you can easily make a skirt out of your jeans. If even if you are new to the world of sewing learning how to make a skirt out of jeans is really simple. You don’t require any specific measurements for this accept your skirt length. Your denim skirt size will be of same waist size of jeans so you don’t have to learn how to use patterns or calculate your size. Let’s know how you can make a skirt out of jeans.

For making a skirt out of jeans you require some few things such as a seam ripper, scissors and sewing machine. You also require thread that match to your jean color. But make sure your jeans are clean before you start. You have to follow the given instruction to make a skirt out of your jeans.

1) To make a skirt out of jeans first you have to remove the separate legs and turn them into one solid area. By using a seam ripper you can take apart the legs. Then you have to remove all the stitches on the inner seam of the jeans. After this you can start up your work.

2) After you have taken apart all the seams you can pin the jeans to prepare for sewing. When you cut the legs to the length you like ensure that you leave an inch for the hem. Then turn the jeans inside out then you can pi the two front sides of the pants together. But don’t forget to leave a one inch seam to sew along.

3) You have a few different options along the crotch area of the jeans. You have the option to fold it inward and then cut or remove the excess or else you can it flat against the skirt.

4) Once you have pinned up the skirt completely you can start doing. You can sew down the pinned seam and then make another stitch on the hem itself to prevent fraying. So as to minimize fraying you can use a pink-and-stitch hem with the help of shears on the inner part of them. Then you will have to repeat this on both sides of the skirt.

5) Hem the two vertical seams, after this you should hem the bottom edge of the skirt. Use the pink-and-stitch hem or a rolled hem for this part of the process. Stitch the hem or, if you prefer a more frayed look, just leave the hem open, and let it fray naturally. This is how you can make a skirt out of jeans.

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