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Fashion from India: Beautiful from 1001 Nights

Saris, tunics and lots of gold jewelry: this is fashion from India, as we know it.
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Shorten A Skirt – What You Need To Do For Shortening A Skirt

Learn how to shorten a skirt and give your old skirt a new look. Given in this article are the quick and easy instructions for shortening a skirt.
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London Fashion Spirits

Olympic Games are acting right now meanwhile our eyes are attracted also by the London taste, the old buildings and the pretty girls on the street.

London is a city full of history. Maybe just because of this the design from London was traditional but also rebellious. Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen and also Christopher Kane, everybody knows them and fall in love with their design. They are London.

Design from Alexander McQueen.

As it said, at the closing ceremony, Kate Moss and four other famous models will be invited to have a great show. It will be another fashion party for the world. Kate Moss is a miracle in the fashion filed. She is growing from a simple student girl to magazine cover girl to the street fashion queen, every behavior and each match she does will be followed by people. The old city London has provided her story and also the modern London has provided her the stage.

Walking in London street, you will be inspired by this amazing city even the little corner of a small building, it could also tell its unique style. Most interesting thing is the boutique in London, they are small but when you talk to the boss of the boutique, you will definitely be surprised. Most of these boutiques all have hundreds of year history and they are not just business but the symbol of London.

Surrounded by the art and on trend fashion, how could not you have own style?

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Ruched panel dress Featuring ruched panelling to the bust a wide rounded neckline a dipped back short sleeves.
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ASOS Fold And Pleat V Neck Dress
Satin finish Vneck dress Featuring a wrap over style and gathered waist with a slouched top and ruching to the shoulders.
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