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Fashion from India: Beautiful from 1001 Nights

Saris, tunics and lots of gold jewelry: this is fashion from India, as we know it.
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Shorten A Skirt – What You Need To Do For Shortening A Skirt

Learn how to shorten a skirt and give your old skirt a new look. Given in this article are the quick and easy instructions for shortening a skirt.
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Altering Waistbands In Skirts & Trousers

As we all know waistbands are necessary component of clothing. They allow wearer to wear the product without a belt and still feel comfortable. Sometime waistbands need to be altered to either let it out or take it in. With a little knowledge of waistbands alteration one can easily alter waistbands by themselves. In fact the process for altering waistbands is quick and easy and the final result will be a good-as-new appearance. Here we will let you know about altering waistbands in skirts as well as trousers.

Here is the step by step process for altering skirts waistband.

Let’s begin with the letting out process:

1) First you have to remove waistband to let out

skirts through the waist. If you find that the seam allowances are too narrow to provide enough room then you can shorten the waist as it can provide a little extra.

2) In case of insufficient fabric in the waistband, you can use the zip guard. Or you can replace with petasham or petastretch. Moreover, you can also use the lining to complete the edge & omit the waistband altogether.

Let’s consider about taking in process:

1) For this process you have to first remove the band partially to beyond the side seam on the left hip. Then you can try on the skirt and then pin out the excess at the side seams.

2) The next for altering skirts waistband is to turn the skirts inside out and then mark the new stitching along the pins by using cloth marking pencil or chalk.

3) Then you can remove the pins and start sewing along the new fitting line.

4) The step would be to re-fit the waistband to the skirt and then remove the surplus fabric from the right back edge. Then you can sew back in place and after this the skirt is ready to wear with perfect fitting.

Let’s find out about altering waistbands in trousers:

1) Letting out in trousers waistband is only possible if the waistband has a seam at centre back. The first step for altering trousers waistband is to remove the stitching from the ditch of the waistband seam at centre back for around 8 cm (3”) at either side.

2) Then you can raise the band open, and then you require removing the stitch from the center back seams to hip level only. Next you can start re-sewing the center back, then press seams open. After this you can refold waistband before stitching in the ditch as before.

The above article briefly describes about altering waistbands in skirts and trousers.

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